Nursing obsessed toddler 😬

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This last week my 16 month old was sick with a stomach bug. He nursed 24/7 and didn’t eat any food at all. He’s been 100% back to his happy self since Friday and this weekend ate food really well but is almost obsessive over “baba” since he’s gotten better. He is constantly going in between breasts to nurse off each a few minutes at a time.. why is this all of a sudden happening? Is he trying to get my supply back up? I was also sick and didn’t eat for 3 days or drink much due to vomiting and diarrhea so I know my supply dipped.. I am touched out and so over nursing lately 😭😭😭 I hate even saying that because nursing is my favorite thing with my son… but I think I am just about done. Physically and mentally 💔. Any tips to help wean??? Cold turkey or ??? I almost feel like it has to somehow be cold turkey otherwise it will never ever end 🥲