First time ovulating since before pregnancy

I got pregnant February 2020, had my baby October 2020, and right at my 6 weeks postpartum check up got on the pill.

I’m now 10 months postpartum and have felt the side effects of birth control aren’t worth it anymore and we decided to use condoms and <a href="">tracking ovulation</a> as birth control. (We’re okay with a whoops baby at this point!)

I stopped the pill almost a month ago, had my withdrawal bleed and yesterday got a very strong opk indicating a surge!

I completely forgot how painful ovulation is for me since I haven’t ovulated in so long! The cramps are horrible and I have never had this heavy of ewcm that I can remember!

It’s nice to not have side side effects of the pill anymore and to let my hormones have some time to go back to normal, but holy moly! When you stop birth control is it normal for your first time ovulating to be like, super ovulation? Lol