Anyone else ever had this?

Okay so last month I had my period. It wasn't my typical heavy bleeding, but it was more than implantation. I had a really easy four day period which really isn't normal for me. Start my period in a week, but I have been sooooo gassy. My stomach is bubbling and making noises. On top of that, I'm having diarrhea which is also not normal for me and I'm not eating anything abnormal of my daily diet. Then, starting yesterday, every time I stand I'll get so light headed I have to sit back down and reevaluate my life cause of how dizzy it makes me. My stomach is huge. It's hard and bloated. And I don't want to get my hopes up, but anyone had any of this leading up to pregnancy? I usually don't have pms and I'm only 105lbs and I've never bloated like this.