We move in.. he changes 100%


So here’s a back story.

I’m a single mom I have a 9 year old daughter she sees her dad on the weekends and all is good there.

So I started seeing someone who lives out of state. We would fly to see each other and it was great. He talked to my daughter via FaceTime many times and came to visit often. We talked every day and I felt like we established a solid foundation.

After all of this time of flying back and forth he decided he wanted to relocate to Florida which is where I live.

We found a townhouse and I thought things were great.

I feel like the second he gets here he changes.

Getting mad over little things and has developed a temper that I’ve never seen before.

My daughter doesn’t like him now and they were great prior to the move.

I am not happy. Everything feels like a mess and like this was all for nothing.

It’s like he is a totally different person

He was sweet and caring and now he’s stand offfish and everything makes him mad.

I need help. What do I do in this situation??