I can kiss him, but I want to take my time. Anyone think like me?

7 months of dating and we haven't kissed. Only held hands, hug, or snuggle. Emotional connection is great & still growing. I feel like guys I've dated in the past have always wanted to rush physical contact, kissing, etc. When kissing does happen I feel like things move too quickly and I can get carried away in love without seeing the red flags. My past bf's always rushed physical intimacy, and probably never really thought of us as a longterm thing. Not to mention, most were emotionally abusive.

But this time, I am dating someone who is the complete opposite of those guys. He's genuinely sweet, has a high respect for women, and has been taking baby steps in the physical contact dept. So I have had enough time to think things through before we get more intimate. I really want to be patient and wait for the right time when we both feel comfortable, and I have established more trust. I know that we can get there, but I want to take my time with him and enjoy the moments in between. If I'm thinking longterm (which I am), we've got all the time in the world šŸ˜Š

Am I the only one who thinks waiting is rewarding? Idk what do you think