I've just got to vent!

MOMMY šŸ‘§šŸ‘¶
There's this lady at work who since the day I said I was pregnant tells me "oh you look so cute pregnant!" Ok.....When I was 2 months pregnant I DID NOT LOOK PREGNANT!!! Then she informs me (looooonnng before we found out the gender) that she's buying all this baby girl stuff. Ok....STOP!! Now she's on this thing where every time I give her a chance to speak to me (I try not to) she has to remind me that she's so glad it's a baby girl. Ok... like I care if you didn't want me to have a boy. Like for real?!!!! And she always says "How's 'my' baby girl doing?" THIS IS MMYYYYYY CHILD!! I wasn't going to vent but I can't hold it in anymore. I'm so over this woman. And to beat it all....she's got children and grandchildren of her own! She better. It think for one second my baby is going to call her anything but her first name!! UGGHHH!!!