Ladies I need your help!!

I had my period September 2-5, the first day was a light flow and the other two days was spotty. I've been sick the past 4 days and still today. At first I thought I was catching the flu because I woke up at 9 and I headed straight for the bathroom sick , and you know when you have like the flu or a sickness and you pee a lot because your body is trying to get rid of the toxins, that was me , I seriously got tired of crawling over my SO to go to the bathroom every 30 mins in the middle of the night so I stayed in the bathroom for 2 hours was not comfortable at all. and then I did not want any eggs for breakfast , I felt bad because my SO made breakfast amd I only ate 1 bite and that was it. Literally the only things I've ate in these 4 days have been Wendy's frostys Oreo blizzard, a Oreo mc flurry, cinnamon toast and a thing of ramen which didn't settle either. I couldn't even make breakfast for him yesterday day and it was a late breakfast like 12 and just the look of the eggs when I cracked them and was scrambling them was made me so nauseous !! And I love eggs !! I had asked my best friend (mother of 2) and she just had her last baby about a month ago, and she thinks I'm pregnant. I just want some other opinions and when i should get a test ??  And if that's the case I want to start prenatal care right away. What is going on with me? My primary doctor is 3 and a half hours away and I don't feel like traveling that far for just a little flu or something.  Thanks in advance !!