Told myself I wouldn't do this!!!

So I told myself I wouldn't stress and I would actually relax this cycle. Ya right!! 
Here is what has been going on... Been ttc baby #2 for awhile now and took almost three years to conceive #1 (long cycles, possible PCOS). Ovulated around Sept 16-17tg. AF due 9-30 or 10-1... 
Signs: weird intuition, cold like symptoms for 2 days (don't have them anymore and I didn't get sick and haven't been sick in years), slightly sensitive breasts (usually doesn't happen to me before AF), vey light, pink spotting yesterday morning only the regular cm after that, minor headache/dizziness yesterday, somewhat less appetite. No acne or major irritability (usually happens a few days to a week before period). 
If I am not prego, I'm going crazy!! Haha 
​Any comments? Someone go through something similar?