Would you call CPS based on these things?

Children in this situation are 3 and 1.

▪️ Children are only bathed once every 2 weeks.

▪️ Children are in a 3 bedroom home with 7 other family members. Because of the small space, they are confined to one bedroom 24/7.

▪️Children only go outside maybe once a month; never leave the house.

▪️One child has medical issues not being addressed because they do not have the money to pay for their license plate to be updated.

▪️Neither parent works, they receive assistance, neither have intentions of working.

▪️Home is dilapidated/windows are broken out and replaced with plywood. There is no heat.

▪️ When I see the children over multiple days they will be wearing the same clothes that continually get dirtier per passing day.

▪️ Children have horrendous diets. Ramen noodles, sweets, soda, chips.

▪️ Neither child has their own bed. 3 year old sleeps on pillows on the floor, 1 year old sleeps with parents or on the floor.

▪️Both parents smoke weed and the rest of the adults smoke cigarettes in the house.

▪️Children are smart and developmentally on track but are very “lazy” in their confined environment and sleep for about 15-16 hours a day.

I’m asking because I don’t know if I’m just witnessing extreme poverty or if I’m witnessing neglect.

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