One more day- I need some encouragement


My husband has been away for a week. I’ve had 3 kids (4,2,1) all by myself this week. MWF my oldest had half day preschool, which you think would be a break but drop off and pick up are a disaster because my middle child always has a meltdown because we have to walk through the playground for drop off and can’t play on the equipment so he’s yelling and screaming the entire time. Also, I pick up my friends child and watch her for the rest of the afternoon on those day. So on some days I’ve had 4 children. Then on TTH we do adventure days because my kids need to get out of the house. Then I cook dinner, do bathtime/bedtime, clean the kitchen, workout, do laundry, and the daily chore. I’m. So. Exhausted. I just have to make it one more day and then my husband is home. I need some encouragement. We’re having a slow day today so I can survive.