Do you think I'm pregnant? (TMI!)

We are TTC and I'm having many symptoms. Firstly, I am very nauseas for much of the day and get very close to throwing up. I can't sleep at night, and I am very tired.The smells of normal things set me off. My nipples are very sensitive (they are normally very UNsensitive) and are hurt by the shower water. I have been having a lot of diarrhea, with extreme urgency. I seem to urinate more frequently. Embarrassingly, I just had a bit of an accident. I haven't changed my diet or anything... I just feel very sick in general and the nausea/diarrhea is what makes me feel pregnant the most, since I never get either. It is too early to test, and i haven't missed a period yet... Some women experience very early, though. I just feel pregnant. What are your thoughts? 

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