New here and overwhelmed

Charlene • I`m from a small town, and me and my hubby got married march 2013. Hoping for a miracle:) <3
Me and my hubby have been off birth control and hoping to get pregnant for a year as of this week. We got married march 23,2013 and still haven't had it happen for is yet. Both my sister in laws have had babies and are pregnant with their second children in that time... Kind if stressful. I was not overly worried about it until the last couple months. I started prenatal vitamins and now I'm ready to start checking ovulation and body temperature extra by this is all foreign to me. Any tips? My husband really wants it to happen, but is not one to talk about this kind of stuff easily. Thanks for the tips in advance. And I'd love to have some friends to add as I go through this insane journey.