Stay or go

I have been with my fiancee for a year and 4 months. And im at my breaking point because he is very insecure. When i go to sleep he looks through my phone and he deletes people off my facebook page like my male friends. Nothing is going on between me and my male friends we just talk and give each other advice and stuff but he doesnt look at it that way. He thinks every guy i talk to is trying to take me away from him.then when he sees something he doesnt like and goes off on me. Then when hes mad instead of laying in the bed with me he sleeps on the floor. Im really tired of going through this i dont know what to do i wanna be with him because i love him with all my heart and so does my son because my son father is not in his life. But im getting fed up with his insecurites and he always tells me he cant trust me comparing me to his other relationships in the past. I feel like giving up.