12 and sleeping in the bed with dad?

Honestly this doesn't bother me too much. It's my boyfriend's ex mil who has an issue with it. He has custody of his 12 year old son and there's a restraining order against his mom on him and his son. Idk why at all. So his son sometimes gets scared and comes to sleep in the bed. It has happened maybe 3x this year. He will come in the room saying he had a nightmare and peed his bed and is scared and my boyfriend will just point to the bed and his son will sleep in the bed with him. I don't see the big deal since it's only happened 3x this year. And I try not to judge parents. If there's no abuse or harm to the child going on then why would I judge? His ex mil(she's still in the picture) had a huge issue with it but I think she should be more worried about her daughter đŸ¤·