Dropping the nap. 😅

My daughter is 2.5 exactly. She's never been a fabulous napper, but with some sleep training, she was getting a 1.5 hour nap each day. Lately, it has become less and less. Her naps are hit and miss. If she naps, she will toss and turn at night for an hour and a half and then wake up at 6. If she doesn't nap, she falls asleep instantly and sleeps until 7AM.

I feel like I'm delaying the inevitable. I feel like it's time.

She's still in a crib. How do I do this? How do I start initiating "quiet time" for her? I still need that break during the day, and her sister also naps at that time, so I would like to keep it as a peaceful time. This morning I gave her a few books and told her she needed to have "quiet time" while I made my husband's lunch, as she woke up at 5:50. 😅