In laws


How the hell do you guys cope with awful mother in laws?? Like I text her 3 weeks I advance about my family's Thanksgiving dinner time so we wouldn't over lap it so I could go to her house and she texted my husband 2 weeks later and said they decided to do it the same time and that I better go over over her house cuz they never get to see our son ( they only live 30 minutes away and never text asks about him or invites us over and when we invite her over she says she cant) so now she is treating me like a piece of shit. Am I in the wrong for not going over there this Thanksgiving cuz she decided not to work with me on anything qnd treat me like garbage??!?!? Cuz my husband thinks I need to forget about my family's dinner and go with him.

Ever since we got married and had our first child she treats me like I'm stealing her son away and puts shit in his mind about how I'm turning him against them 🙄