I am 23 & my significant other is 42. We just had a baby girl almost 2 months ago. Well we had sex this morning for the first time in 6 months, I could have sex wasn’t no reason why we couldn’t. Well afterwards he said he was worried about me getting pregnant again, I said “well what are we just not going to have sex anymore or what” he said “idk we will figure it out”. I’m not on birth control because it screws with my body pretty bad & he doesn’t like wearing protection.🙄 I did give him blowjobs etc in between those 6 months whenever he wanted. He’s never done anything to me oral wise since we have been together, we literally just have sex he’s the only one who orgasms. I’ve tried talking about it but he just gets mad, idk what to do. I love him & don’t want this to ruin our relationship because he’s the only one who receives anything sexual wise & I don’t.