How do you divide thanksgiving?

My fiancé never discussed Thanksgiving with me and he made comments to me, his mom and siblings that alluded to us spending it with his family. We spent last year with them.

When I found out my aunt had invited us and my family was going there I told my fiancé. His immediate response was “my moms hosting” then said we’d figure out how to do both. My aunt is an hour away though.

Today he’s talking to his moms about how she’s having her brothers family over after dinner, but we’ll be outside because of covid and my fiancé agreed to setup the fire and everything.

I’m a little upset that he just assumed we’d do dinner at his moms. It’s definitely not possible to do everything(see my family, dinner with his and that outside fire situation) because his moms hosting later than my aunt. I honestly want to spend dinner with my family and not just go for dessert.