heavy period

alyssa • 21
my period is very heavy and always has been. I'm 20 and it's still super heavy. I've never had a Pap smear or even gone to a gynecologist but is there anything they could give me eg birth control that will help with this because it's really inconvienent. I have to use super tampons and even then I have to change my tampon every hour or two or it bleeds right through. it's so gross and I'm tired of constantly stressing out when I'm on my period if there's blood on my pants. I even have to set an alarm every 2 hours at night to wake up and change my tampon so I don't bleed on my sheets. sorry for being graphic it's just really annoying and before I go through all the trouble of going to the dr I just wanna know if they could even help me lol. any advice would be appreciated!