Why....just curious

Some of u women want comfort and I truly sympathize with u. Been there and needed help n advice in my journey as well. I am seeing very clear positives in faint lines/bfn category. That's for the unclear I see no clear double line or what not. Secondly, some of u women then keep reposting the same tests over n over just to start a topic. It's getting old. My advice is if u doubt us then don't post a topic and follow your gut. And as far as the blue dyes and Walmart cheapies for early pregnancy it won't show a positive because they detect 25-50mIu. So if u truly want to detect a early pregnancy try a first response or a internet cheapie. The first response picks up only 6 mIu which is not a lot and internet cheapies can be sold by the 10 mIu. Hope that helps just annoyed the same questions are asked over and over. And lastly, if u doubt it yourself then wait for af or go buy a digital. Yes they are expensive but it helps to confirm and not stress yourself. Remember digitals need more hcg. They need 50 mIu. Hope this helps and I apologize for sounding so mad. I'm not just annoyed because some women get so sad n upset when they don't see what they want.