Psychic reading- she was right!

Hi gals- I wasn't going to broadcast this cause I was sort of embarrassed that I was so desperate for a bfp that I went to a psychic. 
​But I got a fertility psychic reading from Cheri22 back in January and she predicted I would conceive, find out or give birth in February.  She also had a bunch of things to say about the boy I'll have. Like he'll be born with a lot of hair, crawl at 6 months, be great at the guitar. 
​it turns out she was right. After 7 months of nothing I got a positive last Friday. so I conceived in February just like she said.  Who knows if she'll be right about gender. 
​The reading really gave me hope and it was pretty cheap(like $12).  My husband did think I was completely crazy though and didn't want to hear any of it. Ha! Thought id pass my experience along...
​Oh I also asked her how many she sees me having. She said 3! Which is what I want !