Gender detection blood test

Ann • Happily married & pregnant w/our 3rd & last.
Soooo! Today I had mine! I will know next week if we are having a 3rd boy or our first girl! I'm beyond excited!! Many have been asking what it's called etc. I can't remember which board or where it was so I'm just adding a new post here. The test is called "Progenda" it's over 99% accurate w/an extremely rare less than 1% error if done at or after the 10 weeks gestation. If done before 10 weeks results cannot be garunteed. It's about 320$ Private pay but many insurances with pay for it. Mine for example only cost 25$ for us using our insurance. They draw blood from the mothers & look for a Y chromosome detection which is DNA for a male & the results will either be positive or negative.