Ever since I started my menstral cycle I've had intense periods, horrible cramps to the point I pass out and throw up, and can barely move. Since seeing 5 different doctors I was told I have endometriosis. I've tried EVERY type of birth control and pain medication to compensate. The only one that worked was Vicodin but I can't function on that. I had the surgery to later some of it off in February of 2012. Since then the pains still there and nothing has changed. My doctor currently just had me on the lupron depot shot for 6 months on top of my mirena- did not help.  I also applied for the violet petal study and was denied. I've also been in a relationship for 2 years, we don't have sex, and when we fool around it hurts me so that's recently come to a stop too. 
​Anyone out there have some advice and/or know where to go from here?