Friend had a miscarriage: a philosophical reflection.

Victoria • 29 y/o. Diagnosed with PCOS 2014. Married 2012. Mortgage Underwriter.
My friend got a + HPT on Tuesday and started spotting on the same day. Her levels went from 3800 on Tuesday to 2700 on Friday and she miscarried over the weekend. 
My friends and I are past graduations, first jobs, first homes/apartments, and weddings and now we're at the family planning stage. Everything is so new and I've seen so much heartache and disappointment along with happiness. I know these things happen and miscarriages are a common occurrence but it's just opening my eyes to all the sadness and reward life has to offer. We get back up only to be knocked down again but for whatever reason, we keep trying. 
​My heart goes out to my friend but I know this isn't the end for her. Neither is it the end for me even though we may both carry on more cautiously for fear of repeating the past. 
My thoughts are with all people who have experienced loss throughout their journey and I hope that we can all find peace of mind.