So confused!!

I had a gyno appointment on the 11th for my yearly exam, and was told that my uterus is enlarged. It was also during my ovulation window, and the dr. was able to visibly notice that I was ovulating. She scheduled me for an ultrasound on the 19th to see why my uterus is enlarged.
​At the ultrasound, the tech didn't tell me anything, and I don't see my gyno to discuss the results until 1/3.
​My period was supposed to start on the 26. I usual bleed normal on the first day, heavy the next three, and then spot the last day. I also usually cramp the whole time.
​I had been cramping every day since my appointment. I started spotting on the 22nd. I had light to moderate bleeding on the 23rd and 24th. Then I spotted for another day and was done.
​What in the world is going on with my body?!?! I am freaking out that something might be horribly wrong and I won't be able to ever get pregnant again :(