Lost 2 pregnancies.

I'm 24 and my DH and I have now been married for 2 years. First miscarriage was right after we got married. We went to our 11 week ultrasound and no heartbeat. This last loss was even worse for us. Got my BFP August 17th and got regular ultrasounds every 2 weeks. At our 12 week NT scan they found a 9mm cystic hygroma and told us to terminate. We couldn't bring ourselves to terminate but our little Grace passed at 16 weeks gestation due to hydrops which stopped her tiny heart. Testing indicated she had Turners Syndrome. I honestly didn't want to live after all of that happened. We've endured so much pain and just want a healthy baby. I am getting discouraged because if we do get pregnant again I will be scared to death of losing a third. I don't think I could make it through another loss. DH and I tried this cycle, and I'm hoping for a BFP even though I'm nervous. FX!!