When should I test?

Monica • I`m a 30 year old military wife and mother to our 9 year old son, Rylan and daughter, Maci who is 4.
Glow says AF is due Monday. Last month AF arrived a few days before Glow said it would so I was wondering when I should test? I tested with a Woldorf test yesterday and it was negative. I have ClearBlue digital test and FRER that I've been holding off on. The only symptoms I have is I've been really gassy the past two days along with gas cramps, yesterday I had a sharp pain in the vagainal area and the last two days I've been really tired. These I'm sure could be both pg and AF symptoms. So when should I take a test? I'm think Wed or maybe Fri if AF doesn't show up. I'm on CD 35 and 14 DPO as of today.