September Due Dates!


Hey loves! I thought it would be nice to create a thread for all those who have received a bfp this month. We're only half way through the month so I expect more people to join within the next two weeks. I know Glow doesn't have a pregnancy portion of the app, but I've come to know so many of you within the last couple of months, and I would love to stay in touch and share each others journey. 

​Lets start with some basic info:
​Name- Pam
​Age- 24
​Ttc- for 3 Months then got my bfp
AF due- 1/14/14
Hpt- tested on 1/11/14 (got two bfp's)
​# of children- this will be my 1st
​Symptoms so far- mild cramping, tender breasts, fluttering in lower abdomen.
​Predicted due date- September 24th. 
​Additional info: went to the doctor yesterday for blood work, cause they said its too early to come I'm for a urine test. They said I can call today for results and come in Monday for an appointment.
​I hope this thread can be a way for us to stay in touch and learn from each other.  I can't wait to hear from you guys!
Here's a pic of my test (first response taken three days before AF was due)
And this is me yesterday! At 4wks pg according to the babycenter <a href="">pregnancy app</a>.