Help! OPK questions

Violet • TTC babe # 2! 💃🏼
Hello all!
​So my hubby and I are currently TTC. According to Glow, my fertile days were January 15 - January 21st (cycle days 11 through 17). I took an OPK and it said cycle day 15 (January 19) was my most fertile day (33% chance according to glow). We had sex on cycle days 8, 13, 14 and 15 (January 12, 17, 18 and 19). The OPK that I took said to have sex on peak day 1 and 2. We only had sex on the 19th which was the first peak day. We didn't have sex on the 2nd peak day which was January 20th (22% chance according to Glow). I know sperm can live for up to 5 days... I'm hoping this will be the month! My question is when a OPK says you hot your "peak" day, how soon afterwards do you typically ovulate? On the 20th I was having cramping on my left side (usually happens every time I ovulate. I feel it on 1 side). I also had slight cramping yesterday on the 21st and some today too. Which is odd because usually it lasts 1 day only. Also, my boobs have felt like ROCKS for the past 3 days. Usually they get really sore a week or so before my period. But my period isn't due until February 5th. Any help/advise will be greatly appreciated. I'm starting to obsess over this!