Feeling guilty

Hi guys, im Chris, im 22 years old and Last june i got pregnant by my fiance even though we didnt want it to happen and we were carefull.Anyway we had just moved to Uk and we were trying to stand on our feet. Soon i started bleeding i had a scan and there was something wrong with the sack, i got 4 days off of work and as soon as i got back to work i woke up covered in blood the very next day. To cut a long story short, after spending3 months in and out the hospital with serious blood loss, the fetus was still viable, i got to see it clearly through the scan and see my baby's heartbeat. But things were going awfull and i had to choose between losing my job and staying in bed for the next two months at least for the slightest possibility to avoid a misscarage or get an abortion.. Like i said earlier we had just moved from our country to the UK and we were desperatly trying to stand on our feet. We were all alone and there was no way i could afford losing my job, so i decided that it was better to get an abortion and try again later when the circumstances will be better than experiencing a painfull misscarage. I still believe i made the right choice at the time but i cant stop dreaming of my baby and how it would be if i had kept it... Is it normal that im feeling guilty?? Am i guilty??