Implantation? Or Short Period?

Abbey • 27 years old. Married for 1 year trying to conceive baby #1.
This was my second cycle ttc baby #1. I have a 25 day cycle and on Thursday 1/23 I started to bleed and since it was the day I was supposed to start a new cycle I figured it was my period. It started as very dark red almost brown and not heavy at all. By the afternoon it got to be more of a brighter red and a little more bleeding. Friday it was Even lighter but brown again. By the evening it was almost gone and today it's completely gone! I usually have 5 days of bleeding so this is strange for me. I've been charting my cycles and temping today my temp shot up from 96.8 to 97.7, not exactly sure if that means anything lol but there is definitely a change.