My ttc journey is over

Latifah 👦🏽 boymom
After almost a 2 yr ttc journey it's over, not because of me but because of my now ex-fiancé due to a yr long affair. I'm so heart broken I called out sick for work and everything and what makes it so bad is that his mother was helping in his year long of cheating. We had some miscarriages along the way, and I cried plenty of  nites because I wanted a family so bad but I guess me not being able to carry a pregnancy was all part of gods plan and that everything him and his family was doing in the dark was going to come to the light. I'm sad my journey is over and today is my peak day so it's back to square one and try to get my life together after this horrible situation I have to find a new place, and undo all the stuff engaged couples do, it's been a pleasure chatting with all you wonderful ladies ✨baby dust ✨ to you all