Not sure what's going on...

Hey all,
​I am due for my AF in two days. I did the BD every other day all month up until the last few days as we are ttc (3 months now). A week ago all week my breasts were unbearably sore but this is normal for me when my body is getting ready for my AF however all of a sudden they stopped hurting and all this week leading up to AF I haven't had any symptoms which also means no pregnancy symptoms either (since they are nearly the same). This is very unusual for me to not have sore breasts this close to my AF. The only other changes have been headaches periodically which I normally never suffer from. I also have no cramps however the past week I've had light cramps here and there never lasting long. Anyone know if it's ever possible to NOT have all the typical symptoms but in fact be pregnant? I don't want to test yet until I actually miss it for sure but looking for some info if anyone has any?