Ovulation pain, wow!

Kayla • Married & we had our perfect baby boy on 03/21/2015, Pierce Huntlee. He was 7lbs 10oz, & 19.5 in 💙
​This is my first month ttc, and first month in over 6 years not on birth control! I cannot believe the ovulation pains! I can handle pain in a lot of ways but this is hurting! It just started about lunchtime. I got two +opks yesterday and two +opks today! But I would say I am ovulating right now!! Also my bbt went up a full degree from Friday morning to this morning. I am so thankful for actually ovulating this month. I thought I would have a time after being on bc for so long! DH and I just bd'ed right before pain started so fingers crossed! Baby dust to all!