1st AF since September 2013

When I got my AF in September it was decided that I wouldn't be going back on BC. We wanted to see what my cycles were like as we were hoping that over the next few months is fall preg... I went for 4 months without a visit from AF. And after. Getting tests throughout those 4 months I've been diagnosed with PCOS... So beginning of January I switched up my diet lost 6kfs and got my stress under control and guess who made a visit on feb 1st! AF. I as actually happy to see her. So now we are trying to figure out what my cycles are doing and I am scheduled to go in for blood tests each week for the next 4 weeks with hope that I may ovulate.. But if I don't then I'm sure there will be more tests and talk about medication. I really want this year to be my year, as I am sure lots of other women out there do to. If anyone is in the same boat or similar id love to hear from you and your experiences to get a bit more hope with all this