No Orgasms.... Ever.

So it's kinda awkward to ask but I've never had an orgasm from sex/vaginally, and I've been sexually active a little over a year now. 
​I myself am able to achieve an O from clitoral stimulation. Easily 4-6 orgasms in a row. 
And I'm wondering if I should see a doctor. Because it's just simply so frustrating to never be completely satisfied after hours in bed. I don't understand. And I'm 18 I'm supposed to be wild right? 
​Wrong. I'm like a grandma when it comes to orgasms. 
​I just sit there and sigh, even if the sex is incredibly intense and passionate. And he's tried so many different positions, but most just hurt me and I feel a deep ache within my uterus. 
​So... Finally, I am wondering if maybe I have a disorder and will never achieve orgasm in my adult years? Should I see a health professional? Are there any tips or products that could help??? I don't want a vibrator or dildo or cock ring.
​I want natural orgasm. 
​That's all I want.