"Missed" miscarriage ...PTSD??

Casey • Mommy to 1
​After conceiving in October (with low chance of conceiving) we were extremely excited! Our families and best friends new and we couldn't wait until Xmas to tell everyone else! We went for our 13week ultrasound on December 20/13 and our poor wee one had Passed away  at  7w5d. We were devastated. I had no symptoms no spotting no cramping nothing! The doctor rushed me to ER for immediate surgery since I had the baby in me dead for 5 weeks it was harmful to my health. Ever since I've had nightmares nearly every night. Me bring in the OR and watching the surgery and hearing voices tell me it's my fault (while sleeping) I'm so sad and depressed by  it I'm scared to go to sleep. I'm seeing a psychiatrist tomorrow hoping it helps. Wonder if anyone else has experienced symptoms if PTSD? 
We are back and trying again! Hesitant , scared but excited!