Trying to conceive a little miracle!

Hey everyone!
​I am 21 years old and wanting conceive a little miracle. I am been dating my boyfriend for a while and we want to conceive a child together. I been really stressed about what others will think because we are not married and just started living with each other a few months ago. Another thing that is stressing me is out new house,getting things organized , new puppy, and financials. It has been a rough road trying to keep that under control with everything going on. It took me a while to come to the decision that I want to become a mother. Now that my mind is setup for the next step, it seem harder to achieve that dream. Before I decide to conceive I thought it would be very easy to become pregnant at my age. My boyfriend and I been trying for over a month and still not pregnant. I just want to give up but I really want to conceive a child. Advice is greatly need!!!!!