Well, three BFP's later I believe it's true

Well, three BFP's later I believe it's true! We are pregnant! Praise Jesus! I am beyond excited!!! Cannot wait to surprise DH with the news.
​Got my first BFP the day AF was supposed to show, 14DPO, with FRER.
​Days 6-9DPO I felt cramping. My symptoms were heavy/swollen feeling and sore breasts, and I experienced some subtle "background nausea" beginning at 12DPO that lasted all day. I was also very very tired for about a week! Also, I had a major increase in CM wetness and texture and a temp spike that never went down. :)
​We had been TTC since October, but this was the first month I tracked everything (BBT, CM, and OPKs). Glow helped with hints and tips and I am so thankful to have had this app during this little journey to conception!
​WOOOHOOOO! So ready for baby #1!!!!