Baby fever turned into no freaking way!

I have been longing to be a mother for a long time now and even more since I recently got married. I'm talking like obsessing over anything baby over preparing and all. I have been off the pill for a year now and we have been letting nature take it's course, lots of unprotected sex during all the right times. We are not rushing to have a baby just lettin I happen when it's supposed to kinda of attitude. It feels as if I woke up with a "hate on" for anything and everything to do with children as babies. I went from baby fever to feeling like I never want kids. Like a swich went off or something. I am so turned off of the fact of having a baby that's I'm in shock and so is my husband. For so long it has been "baby fever" and now nothing no feeling no excitement nothing. I don't no what happend or why it has happend. I don't know if maybe I have mentally given up trying to conceive or what has happend. Has anyone else experienced this while TTC ??