PCOS and feeling so down :(

I've known for almost ten years that I have pcos, but now that I'm ttc it all of a sudden seems so much worse. My husband and I have only been trying for a few months, so I know I really can't complain yet. But after coming from the doctor today and hearing him suggest hormone injections because clomid might not work for me and the possibility of surgery if the cysts on my ovaries get worse I'm just feeling so down and overwhelmed. I knew it wouldn't be easy for me, but I was just so hopeful that I might not have to take the long route because I'm still young and active. Has anyone had success after being diagnosed with pcos, or maybe just any tips for handling it better? I'm doing as much as I can with my diet and exercise, but it's still so tough to deal with sometimes. Sorry for the rant; I just had to get it out! Thanks for reading :)