AF due 21-22 march? Cycle buddy's??

Milhu • 31yrs, DH 39... We have 2 girls, and working on our rainbow 🌈 baby.. Currently pregnant and praying this is it!!!
So my AF is due around 21st of March and preying it does not show and I get my BFP instead! I'm SO greatful to be a part of glow and to get this kind of support of women who are ALL going threw the same.. I been trying to concive for a yr and a half. Been trying preseed and soft cups this month.. I also been taking my BBTs and checking my CM, everyday. I'm in my fertile window according to glow but haven't gotten a positive OPK yet. I have been getting some sharp cramps  on my left side and read it could be that I'm starting to ovulate!! I prey that it's deffenetly because I'm O!! I also read sometimes OPKs don't pick up ur LH in time or miss it.. I have high hopes this month and if we don't nail it, I'm starting my clomid next cycle.. Good luck to all TTC and please keep posting!! You all give me hope! Prey we ALL get our BFP this month!! Baby Dust! ❤️❤️❤️