TTC second time

Faye • Currently taking 3mg Bromocriptine for high prolactin levels, 1000mg metformin a day for PCOS. 1 ectopic pregnancy ❤️
Hey everyone, I suffered an ectopic pregnancy on October 23rd 2013. Doctors recommended waiting to TTC again until my second bleed. That has been and gone, all in all I have had 4 bleeds all together and we are TTC again. The docs told me I had a very healthy left tube which is my only remaining tube and said I have a good chance of conceiving again....but I struggled for a year to get pregnant first time round and now I'm worried I have only half a chance of becoming pregnant again. My partner has 2 children from a previous relationship and it is so hard to Evan see him with his kids, it has changed everything loosing my baby to an EP. Just wondering if anyone has any success stories of falling pregnant or having children after having a tube removed from an EP? X