How do you ladies relax?!

Kendra • 3 m/c and 4 years ttc before 🌈💙 who is now just over 2 1/2 and I also have a little boy who will be 1 in March!
Im 24 and have been ttc on and off for 14 months now, we had a chemical pregnancy last year, but are now on month 5 of continuous ttc. And my question is, how do you relax about it and not get stressed? This is baby #1 for is and we are so excited, but I never knew it would take this long, I am in great physical shape, I eat a good, pregnancy worthy diet, I have a drink maybe once every few months, I'm taking vitamins and I keep a fairly close eye on my schedule. Am I just putting too much thought into everything and not letting it happen naturally? Anyways.. It also doesn't help that my husband works out of town and it can be hard to get the timing right. And he doesn't want me to buy pregnancy tests, which is understandable because we don't want to deal with what happened before with the chemical pregnancy and it gets really expensive when you have been trying for a long time. But it is so hard to wait! Especially because ever since I started getting ready to conceive (exercising, eating right &vitamins) my pms symptoms mimick pregnancy symptoms so it always feels like I might be pregnant. Anywho.. What keeps you ladies sane?