It's been a hard week... What's next

Charlene • I`m from a small town, and me and my hubby got married march 2013. Hoping for a miracle:) <3
So my DH and I have been trying for a year to conceive. In that time both of my sister in laws have had babies and are pregnant again. (Talk about jealous) this week my DH and I have been less than connected as it's been a year this week since we stated trying and we both hoped it would long before now. We booked a doctors appointment to discuss getting some fertility tests done next month, but we are both feeling defeated. My DH is a twin and his brother and his wife's pregnancies both happened so fast I feel as though my hubby is scared that there is something "wrong with him" he's not one to easily open up and talk. I feeldisconnected  from him... Any suggestions? And has anyone gotten testing done?