Fish dreams anyone ??

Brittany • Mother to my little man . Wife to his wonderful daddy . 19 .
With baby 1 I had them at the beginning of my pregnancy . We'll I've been having very very vivid dreams  . I had a very vivid dream about the ocean and fish last night . I woke up and went back to sleep this morning (I didn't pee ) but I did however drink a large cup of sweet tea . Then after waking up the second time I went to test and it looked like it was going to be nothing so I came in the bedroom to check on my son . I went back about 4-6 mins laterand I almost through it away . But I noticed a faint line . So i held it up to the light and I could see it . But idk if it was a evap line . Bec it didn't show up while I was standing there . I think I'm 9-10dpo. AF is due sometime next week I wanna say wednseday . I used a dollar tree test . But I've heard mixed thoughts and opinions on them .