I am so wonderfully blessed!

Elizabeth • I`m 23 I have one beautiful son Miguel and a sweet baby Lena. Married 6 years and done with having kids.
I am 12dpo today. I got my first faint positive on a FRER at 8-9dpo but thought it was an evap. The next day I took a cheapie and got a clear line once again thinking evap. Yesterday night at 11dpo I got my faint positive. I haven't been able to get a good pic of it and AF is still 3 days away. 
​Pinching pain followed by daily AF like cramping starting at 6-7dpo
​BLOATING! Major bloating
​Nausea much worse than my first. 
​Breast pain that's different than the norm. Usually I hurt on the sides this time it was mainly nipples. 
​Cervix went back into show after 10dpo
​a few hot flashes
​Metallic taste unsure though what dpo 
My "evap" at 8dpo not FMU
My very faint positive which looks much darker in person at 11dpo not FMU