Question re BBT & BFP???

Stevie • Just tested on 5/8 and I got my BFP. I`m preggo with my first !!!!
I'm trying to confirm if anyone who has received  a BFP also continued to have an increased BBT??? 
​I feel like I'm obsessed with becoming pregnancy , like it's a sickness. I do noth but read & look stuff up & google everything but I find i have so much info coming from diff places , it's all contradicting. 
​Waiting on AF any day, but haven't tested bc too afraid of BFN. But my BBT is still decrease daily as expected AF approaches. Talked to my doctor last week bc I was having a normal stress anxiety freak out ab TTC & she said BBT isn't as accurate as you think & don't stress over BBT.
​Anyone have thoughts or experience????