When did your spouse want a baby?

Brittany • 27. Finally got my BFP after 11 cycles of TTC by using the SMEP, Preseed, and a whole lot of prayers!!
My husband and I have been married 4 months now. We've been together for 7 years. Before our wedding we both didn't really want kids.. At least not for a while, like 2-4 years. Well since we got married I've changed my mind. I wouldn't mind starting to try sooner than that. I've mentioned it to him and he seems shocked that I would change my mind since we always said we'd be married a couple years. I asked if he would be ready to try after our first anniversary and he said he isn't sure yet. I am on the pill and won't get off until we are both on the same page about children, but I just wanted to ask if anyone else struggled to come to an agreement on when to start trying with their spouse? And if so, what type of advice can you offer us?  I love my husband dearly and I love it just being us right now but here lately I feel the urge to want a baby and be a mom and start my family with him.