Fun ways to tell family and friends?

Diane • DD aged 9.5, DS aged 8, and DD aged 1.5 DH aged 33 expecting a baby boy January 2017
Hi ladies! I hope everyone is fine! Me and DH have been trying to decide how we will tell our parents we are expecting! So we have personalised a label to put on a wine bottle, it says thank you granny and granda for babysitting on our honeymoon, love from ... All of us +1. We are going on our honeymoon a week on Friday and my parents have booked a hotel about 10 minutes away so they can have DD and DS so we can relax a bit during the 2 weeks. I can't wait to see them read the bottle and figure out our exciting news!! 
​How are you all planning breaking the news? 
​Diane 5+5 #3